Boulder Creek Stone

A lifetime of maintenance-free enjoyment

Premium Manufactured Stone and Thin Brick Veneer

Boulder Creek Stone is a premium stone and thin brick veneer manufacturer. The good stuff. The kind of premium, manufactured stone and thin brick that top designers, architects and discerning homeowners choose. Our wide variety of textures and palettes create a rugged, authentic stone look that is as unique and subtle as anything Mother Nature intended.

Boulder Creek Stone

Manufactured Stone Veneer

Look and Feel of Natural Stone Veneer

Our manufactured stone veneers are expertly engineered to look and feel just like natural stone. Through meticulous attention to detail, we’ve created a look so natural it could fool mother nature. Explore our unique stone profiles featuring a vast range of textures, color options and architectural styles, all perfectly designed to emulate the natural stones from which their inspiration is derived.

Thin Brick Veneer

Any project can be turned into a rustic masterpiece when it’s enhanced with the captivating look and feel of our thin brick veneers. Make a statement in the neighborhood or add a little extra charm to the interior with our wide variety of sizes, textures and colors. Our products, our thin brick veneers are virtually indistinguishable from traditional brick and are engineered for quick and easy installation.

Boulder Creek Stone
Boulder Creek Stone

Hearthstones, Keystones, Sills and Other Accessories 

It’s the little details that make the difference between ordinary and extraordinary. Boulder Creek offers stone accessories include hearthstones, keystones, sills and others. Designers and architects looking to add that extra special finishing touch to their projects choose our versatile line of genuine-looking stone accessories and accents. Whether you’re looking to add an accent piece to electrical outlets, windows, walls, posts or make a transition to siding, all of our accessories come in colors complimentary to every stone we make.